Call for Abstracts

Join scholars and specialists from around the world in a collective publication on street food.

Working title: "Street Food Governance. Between Culture, Economy, and Health."

A consistent collection of studies on street food. 
A state of the art on theories and research methods of this still crawling branch of Food Studies, as well as a tool enabling vendors, policy makers, organizations, and civil society involved in the governance of this phenomenon to detect, share, develop, and implement good practices, instruments, and strategies fostering a more innovative and safe street food trade.

Deadline: Friday, 1st February 2013

We seek for essays by 
nutritionists, sociologists, anthropologists, historians, economists, gastronomists, agronomists, statisticians, designers, policy makers, and other specialists who work on issues related to the following dimensions of street food:

Analysis on the historical origins of street foods, their roots, changes, evolution, crossings, adaptations through time and space; their links with other street foods, within and between different places.

Society and Culture
Analysis on lifestyles and representations related to street food. Analysis on the meanings and functions that street food assumes for different social groups.

Analysis on the role that street food trade plays within local and national economic systems, either as an informal or formal activity; street food trade as a means of subsistence, a form of employment, or an entrepreneurial activity; looking for successful and sustainable models of street food small-business.

Productive Chain
Analysis on the role played by street food within local and national
food farming systems. Analysis and proposals on the potential role of street food as a key player towards the achievement of food sovereignty.

Nutrition and Health
Studies on street food nutritional qualities, safety and hygienic issues, challenges and potentials.

Analysis on the political relationships among vendors, and between them and public authorities: conflicts, negotiations, forms of representation and associations.

Analysis on local and national legislation and regulations concerning street food sanitation and the rights granted to vendors to use urban space.
Analysis and evaluation of development programs and proposals aimed at improving the hygienic and nutritional quality of street foods, and at fostering vendors' socio-economic development, especially focusing on vulnerable categories (i.e. women, minors, elderly people, migrants, ethnic minorities, indigenous people, Afro-descendants).

Analysis and projects of technologies, instruments, tools, means of transportation, sale points, evaluating their limits and strengths with respect to quality and safety standards, as well as to economic aspects.


Submission Procedure
Authors are invited to submit an abstract of max 200-250 words (written in one of these languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese) in one or more of the areas identified above, outlining the major content and conclusions.

Please submit your abstract to:

Abstract submission deadline: February 1st

Notification of acceptance: February 15th, 2013

Full manuscript submission: April 19th, 2013



about the intended format of the publication and the publisher:

The plan is either to publish an edited book or a Journal's special issue (peer-reviewed). Choosing one solution instead of the other, as well as a specific publisher, will depend on the amount of articles we will receive and select, as well as on the specific focus of each one of them, and thus on the general focus of the publication as a whole (which we cannot predict yet, since the call is open to scholars and specialists from very different fields).
To find a good publisher, as you know, we need to draft a strong publication proposal providing a detailed description of the volume, a list of authors, chapter headings, short paragraphs of explanation for each chapter, etc. Only once we have received enough high-standard abstracts, we will be able to draft the proposal on behalf of all partecipants, and thus seek for the publisher that would suit us best.

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About the SFGN

The Street Food Global Network was created in 2012 with the aim to link people and organizations directly involved or interested in street food trade and governance worldwide.

The network is meant to be an open space where members can find, share, develop, and implement best practices, instruments and strategies fostering an innovative street food.

Members can access a rich documents archive
and participate in forums and mailing lists, to share information and ideas.

Rather than a mere virtual space, the network is meant to achieve real cooperation, joint projects, and collective publications.

SFGN is managed by
Street Food SQUARE Association

Contact Name: Stefano Roberto Marras
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